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Committed to Transforming Our Environment


Since the mid-eighties Cyrus has chosen to work with leading edge technologies for:


(a) eliminating contaminated drinking water in rural India.

(b) the elimination of human exposure to hazardous environments.

(c) eliminate or reduce environmental pollution.


Dispersants, Oil Dispersants, environmentally friendly technologies, Sludge remediation, Cleaning Crude oil tanks, Robotics, Water purification, Protecting the environment


Cyrus' professional excellence over the years


1979 to 1984 
From executive to Senior Management positions at various corporations: Chippendale Exports Pvt Ltd, India; Boodai Trading Co., Kuwait, Kuwait Lube Oil Company.

Cyrus Mehta - Chippendale Exports Pvt Ltd, India; Boodai Trading Co., Kuwait, Kuwait Lube Oil Company


1984 to 1994  J. Mehta International (JMI), India

Cyrus Mehta | J. Mehta International (JMI), India

Cyrus Mehta | J. Mehta International, Nuclear Engineering Services 

JMI was set up to pursue the vision described earlier. Over the years the company successfully initiated processes which resulted in the various technologies being introduced within their respective market segments. JMI’s principals through that period included AEA Reactor Services of AEA Technology (UK Atomic Energy Authority), Ricardo Hitec Plc, UK., Birns (UK) Ltd.,
3i International, USA., N.V. ECO S.A. Belgium., Nuclebras Equipmentos Pesados S.A. (NUCLEP), Brazil., Enwesa, Spain, Calco Ltd. USA.


Intent Consultancy and Management Services, Dubai 1993 to 2011

Intent Consultancy and Management Services, Dubai, Cyrus Mehta

Intent, Dubai was set up by him in 1993 to extend the operations of JMI to the Middle East with the same technologies he was working with in India.


Chemtex Exhibition, World Trade Center, Dubai

Cyrus Mehta at Chemtex Exhibition, World Trade Center, Dubai

Cyrus demonstrating Atlan’tol AT7-Floating, the unique oil spill dispersant made by ECO of Belgium, one of his many principals at the time.




“...In the course of our management consultancy assignment with our clients Chippendale Exports Pvt Ltd, I may say that I was struck by the tremendous enthusiasm and confidence he brought to bear on all matters handled by him and his receptivity to new ideas. He has a sharp analytical grasp and is thorough in his management principles...”

Aspi Cooper, Partner at S.B. Billimoria* & Co, Bombay Sep 1979

“...His performance as a Senior Buyer was excellent... He was successful in motivating them to higher performances and their contribution to total sales showed clear improvement...He has the skill to communicate easily and possesses effective management qualities. His contribution to the company has been considerable. We do wish him every success and recommend him to anyone interested in a high calibre individual having immense talents.”

“...It has been my pleasure to have been associated with Mr. Cyrus Mehta over a four year period within a Principal/Agency relationship between Ricardo Hitec Plc. UK and his company JMI, India.

Dubai 1994
Cyrus’ vision extending to Professional Work with our “Inner” Environment


Cyrus Mehta, seminar, Lifetoolz, working with our inner environment


January 2012
Cyrus establishes
Intent Consultancies Canada, Niagara Falls, Ontario


Intent Consultancies Canada, Cyrus Mehta