Only "our species" can make the planet a better place.
A "transformation" has to start within each of us.

It becomes clearer by the day that if we truly want future generations i.e. our children and our grandchildren, to experience a good and peaceful lifetime, we must recognize the great responsibility that our generation has to ensure a sustainable and satisfying life for all of humanity. Today, through technology, we experience our interconnectedness with each other and our planet in ways and with means that our forefathers could hardly imagine.

Just as technologies have been developed and harnessed to provide solutions that are commercially viable and environmentally sound for use in industry, there are also cutting-edge ‘technologies’ that bring forth remarkable shifts in our ‘inner’ environment.

Intent Consultancies Canada has been working with Our “Inner” Environment since the early ‘90’s. Our commitment to this work has seen thousands of people from over 55 nationalities and all walks of life experiencing major shifts in their lives, personally and professionally -